Saturday, March 21, 2009

Food stuffs

A couple of things I was thinking about today.

This morning the little woman made me pancakes. No big, but I was looking at the Mrs. Butterworth bottle and realized that she doesn't have the round bottom that she did back in the day. I got to this some sort of way to cut costs or just someone who has issues with body image and felt she needed to go on a diet to lose it. What do you think?

The other thing I was pondering was these "new" items on Burger King's menu. I believe they're called double shots. Normally, this wouldn't be a big deal, but I seem to remember when I was in jr. high they had the same thing but they were called burger buddies. They also had bundles (3 sandwiches) before then. So, why bring them back and change the name? Do they think people actually forgot about their previous incarnation?

Just a couple of things that were going through my head and I thought I'd share with you, my faithful readers. Let me know what you think.


Sara said...

I ponder more the horror in the fact you live in Louisiana and eat Mrs. Butterworth's instead of Steen's Pure Cane Syrup!?

And you call yourself a Louisianian?

Shame to you...

Mystery Man said...

lol y'know, i've never even heard of that. they don';t have that up in the Ruston where I grew up.

Oh, and I'm a antive Texan :P

still, i think i'll go see if i can find some and give it a try