Friday, March 6, 2009

I can't take it anymore

I'm sure I'm not the only one that's tired of being over saturated with certain things from the media. Why can't we all just collectively stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!! Here are just a few things that have raised my ire with having to deal with them every....Single...DAY!!!!

Octomom: Enough is enough. This woman has like 14 kids and has been everywhere since her litter of 8 was born. Ok, we get it, she had 8 kids. Now let her get on to raising them. There is no need for her to be famous for this popular. Of course, I think part of it has to be with her resemblance to Angelina Jolie. Speaking of which...

Angelina Jolie: Remember back in the day when she wasn't globetrotting? How about before she was a home wrecker? Or how about those days when she actually had meat on her bones? Today she's just a caricature of herself and seems to think it's her duty to save all the children of her world with hubby Brad Pitt (whom she stole from Jennifer Anniston, mind you). I bet she would win some awards if she'd put some meat on her bones (she was scary skinny in Wanted and stop trying to save the world's children.

A-Rod: This poor guy. Now, make no mistake, its his own fault for doing steroids, but can't this guy get some peace. He admitted his wrong. Now, let him do his job. Besides, as soon as he sneezes t he New York media is gonna say that was something he did because he hates Derek Jeter. Of course, his injury may be a blessing in disguise for him...or curse.

How to get flatter abs: I'm one of those guys that loves a nice set of abs on a woman...if they look nice and still feminine. Guys with abs just make me jealous. However, it seems like every magazine I see these days has something about how to get flat abs. I know there are health reasons and all, but there comes a time when enough is enough. I could swear I saw an ad on a TV Guide. Good grief, people!

Bad news: I know that we're not exactly living in the best of times right now, but it seems as if the media is hell bent on making things seem as bleak as possible. Say something positive, please! No wonder everyone is depressed. I bet The Great Depression was more about news outlets shelling out bad news than about No, not really, but ii may have had a hand in it.

Obama bashing: The man has only been in office for, like, what, 2 months. I swear, people were jumping all over him from day 1. Give him time to get stuff done. Rome wasn't built in a day, y'know? Now, if in a year or two things are still in the same spot they're in now, feel free to bash away, but until then, ease off and let him do his job.

Rush Limbaugh: This fat blowhard has never received any love for me, but this whole thing where he said he hopes Obama's plan fails just pushed him to the top of my @#%$@# list. I don't know about you, but that just sounded like he was hoping the country would go to hell in a handbasket and then because he "warned" people, folks could unite behind him. In other words Limbaugh= Hitler.

Reality TV and crime dramas: As I've said in previous blogs, and will more than likely keep saying, I AM NO FAN OF REALITY TV. Crime dramas aren't exactly high on my list, either. Unfortunately, on any given day on TV you'll see most of these (most of which are spin-offs of CSI and Law & Order), while sitcoms and comedies seem to have gone the way of variety shows. Hell, reality has taken over MTV and is eroding TV Land.

Stick thin actresses: I'm a man who like my women to have some meat on her bones. It's one thing to be naturally skinny...a la Cameron Diaz, but quite another to be anorexic looking...a la the current state of Lindsey Lohan. Whatever happened to the days when actresses were normal looking. I was watching I Dream of Jeannie the other day, and Jeannie and this other woman that was on there were quite curvy, but nowhere near fat. Sadly, today, they would be considered obese by Hollywood standards.

Athletes: No, I'm not tired of athletes, but rather the way they turn down and/or ask for more money. They make multi-million dollars, but always want more. I can't remember who it was, but not that long ago, some guy said he couldn't live on his $12 million dollar/yr salary (not sure if that figure is right, but you get the idea). I can only wish to make that much money on my lifetime!

Heidi & Spencer I don't know anything about these two other than they are "reality royalty" and the stars of The Hills. Now, being that stars of a show is ok, but they seem to be as delusional as Paris Hilton in thinking they have talent. As a matter of fact Heidi released a song a while back and it made people's ears bleed it was so bad. Spencer seems to think he's a better producer than names such as Quincy Jones, Babyface, Smokey Robinson, etc.

Hannah Montana(Miley Cyrus) & the Jonas Brothers: Remember when Disney used to stand for quality animation and family programming? Now they seem to be all about Pixar and pushing these tween "stars". Nothing against Pixar, they're cool in my book, but these tweens are annoying the hell out of me. First, there's Miley Cyrus who is more or less living on her dad's name. Speaking of her dad, he's riding her coattails in an attempt to be something more than a one hit wonder. It's quite creepy, this symbiotic relationship between the two. AS far as the Jonas Brothers go. They have talent. I won't deny them that, but not enough to be anything more than a novelty act or a hit here and there and will be gone soon enough. After watching them butcher Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" at the Grammy's, I officially made up my mind that they need to go. Poor Stevie just had to go with the flow. The next night, he performed the same song at the BET awards and you could tell he was much happier...lmao Both Miley and the Jonas' has had concert movies. Why? Because Disney has become all about sucking tween (and their parent's) money. Make no mistake, 5 yrs from now, we'll be seeing the Jonas Bros and Miley Cyrus on one of those VH1 flashback shows. Miley may have a career in movies or TV. Her show isn't that bad, but her music is horrendous.

There are quite a few other things that irk me. I'm sure you all have things you're tired of hearing about, too. Feel free to share.


MyJoyz said...

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C.B. Jones said...

I'm not tired of any of those things(lies). I'm just about sick of T.O. drama, and that has just begun.

Patricia Rockwell said...

I'm with you on negative news. But here I don't blame the media as much as politicians. When the media interview politicians, I'd like to hear them say encouraging words that the media can then repeat ad infinitum.

PJ said...

*applauses* let it out, it's good for the soul...hehehe said...

I do all that I can to avoid the news. Otherwise, it drags me down.

However, since my wife is a news junkie, this is tough to do.


Eat Well. Live Well.

Lin said...

I'm with you on all those and I have to say that you just jumped on the bandwagon writing about all of them AGAIN. THanks a lot. I do like reality TV- I'll take some of those over the other crappier stuff anyday. I'm finding more and more obscure stuff on cable to watch these days.

Mike Foster said...

Wow, got a lot off your chest. Thanks a bunch for saying all that stuff, which I wholeheartedly agree with, so I don't have to. Whew, made me tired just reading it.

Social Networking Blues

Stephanie B said...

You know, I think you've got a pretty damn good list. I couldn't argue with a one of 'em.

Can't even think of anything to add unless it's whining about 1.8% of the budget called "earmarks" like a pet project HAS to be bad. Perhaps some people don't understand why honeybee research is important, for example, but, since 90% of our agriculture depends on bees (and they're dying like flies), this seems kinda important to me. I bet you could find a similar story for many of these earmarks. Funny how much "science" gets labeled as "pork" by those who want to stay in the limelight.

dawn said...

I agree 100%!!!
Especially the Mile Cyrus/Jonas Brothers thing ...
Just don't get that at all.

Mystery Man said...

MyJoyz- I'll be glad to help any way I can.

C.B.- looks like the T.O. saga Buffalo of all places.

Patricia- glad somone thinks we could use a positive spin on things

PJ- lol been awhile since I had a good rant

Paul- sometimes you just can't avoid it. *SIGH*

Lin- Reality TV sucks. 'Nuff said!

Mike- longtime no comment! glad i could get some stuff off your chest for you. now you can go get some rest.

Stephanie- that's intersting

dawn- just one of the mysteries of the world