Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No more June?

OK, I know that some people don't care for President Obama, and that we are in a financial crisis and whatnot, but yesterday as I was standing in line at Wal Mart, I glanced over at one of the tabloids. Usually I pay them no mind. most of the time they all say the same thing about this person is fat (even though they're not), this person is too skinny, this couple is breaking up, Oprah is going to take over the world, etc, etc. However, one of the covers had something about Obama getting rid of the month of June as a way to save billions.

How ridiculous can you get? In the first place, he can't get rid of June. That would have to be a world decision, and quite honestly, I just don't see it actually saving money by getting rid of a month. I didn't read the article, so maybe they had some "facts" in there, but I doubt it was anything more than just a way to catch people's eye and waste ink.

Of course, if this was to actually happen, a couple of very important women (the little woman and my mom) in my life would be none too happy...or maybe they would since they would never get any older...lol


C.B. Jones said...

If anything, he should abolish January. New Years is overrated, and those collage bowl games get tiring after a while.

Mystery Man said...

lol i figure February wouldm ake more sense since its so short and can never decide how long it wants to be...lol

Railking said...

okay wtf getting rid of the month. you cant stop (time!) its just like getting rid of.....racing YOU CANT. companies will lose millions..... so if he dose than he is the worst president of america (no efence to hem).