Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Top Droppers

A word of thanks to my top droppers for March

New Dilemma
Lola's Diner
Computer Aid
The Way I See It
Kids Toys
Inside My Head
Blazing Minds
Diet Secrets Online
The AD Master

Now, the question is, how many of you actually read my posts rather than drop and go?

I also want to thank eveyrone that has swung by, commented, or comnriubted in anyway to this month's blogging experience. Until next month!


Val said...

Well, this is actually my last drop, and I *do* read your blog and enjoy it a lot! Today.com is making us drop Entrecard, so I won't be in the system anymore, but I hope we can still continue to be blog buddies. :) I'm going to keep the link to your blog in my sidebar so I'll have it handy to come and visit!

Blazing Minds said...

I read all the blogs I drop on, I admit I don't comment that much, but reading a blog is something I enjoy doing, it's amazing what you can learn ;)

Da Old Man said...

I read every blog I drop on. I don't respond often because I do visit between 300 and 400 a day.

Babette said...

I also read and comment when I have to. That's why I can never drop 300 a day.

Mystery Man said...

Val- been pleasure dropping on you. I'll definatrly still be going back to your site. Who else keeps up with as much as TV as I do? lol

Blazing Minds- thank you for dropping and reading. i'll see if i can teach you something in the future...lol

Old Man- i understand what you mean about visiting a gfazillion blogs a day. Happens to me sometimes, too

Babette- lol yeah, commenting can slow you down.

john said...

i dont drop on you much...lol. Only cause Im kinda new to entrecard. But obviosly I did read..lol Maybe thats why I dont get many droppers, Im too busy reading then dropping.

Cashmere said...

I hate drop and go-ers... I'm obviously not one of them.. lol! :)

Lisa said...

I enjoy reading posts, that's why I have long hours in front of the computer just dropping Ec and reading posts from different bloggers and to learn from them, it's hard sometimes especially if no time but it's nice.

Mr. New Dilemma said...

I try to read everybody's sites, but do so less when there aren't hot bodies on display. (Hint, hint ;-) )

Leigh said...

I'm a reader! I like to think that most people read the blogs... But I know I'm probably wrong.

Remo said...

I'm a reader as well. I think a lot of people just drop and run, but for every 10 who do, there is one who actually reads and enjoys!

I try to do 300 drops, but I usually don't get more than 150 because I stop to read. ;)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I've awarded the Sisterhood Award to you. You can pick it up on my blog here; The Life of an Everyday BBW.

Shinade said...

You know I read your blog Mystery Man.

I may not always comment but I read. That's most likely why I never make anyone's top drop list!!

Happy weekend,

The Hawg! said...

You'd be surprised how many people slow down and read blogs. Frankly, that's the main reason I've stuck around at Entrecard -- plenty of active traffic (i.e., folks who read and comment) and a lot of great blogs to keep up with regularly.

Mystery Man said...

John- Welsome to Entrecard. I'm surrenlty in a state of cutting back on my dropping becuse of time constraitns, but in a few weeks i'll be back in full swing. thanks for dropping and (more importantly) reading

Cahsmere- don't we all

Lisa- i knowwhat you mean. think my eyes have gotten worse since i joined entrecard...lol

Mr. New Dilemma- you want hot bodies, huh? check back on Sunday mornings and you'll be sure to see some. lol

Leigh- thanks for reading! you have a point about it being a shame no one reads posts...wishful thinking i suppose

Remo- good to know you're one of those 10

April- Glad you love it and thanks for the award!

Shinade- I knew you read. I think you were close to making the top list, to be honest

Hawg- same here. i know if i drop ec, my traffic will drop to almost none, and comments will go even lower