Monday, March 2, 2009

Something needs to be done about the left turn league

I've always wondered what the fascination is with NASCAR. I mean, its a bunch of cars going around a circle making a bunch of left turns for 3-5 hrs. Heaven forbid someone's car has some sort of issue, then they go under this caution flag and keep going around and around, wasting gas, but not really moving the race forward.

Obviously, you can say that track is the same kind of thing, but the difference is track uses humans and only last 10 min tops. You can also make the case that basketball, hockey, and football just go back and forth, but at least people find those sports exciting. I myself am huge football fan and really like basketball. Hockey, not so much but I haven't really been exposed to it as much.

Anyway, so yesterday there was some sort of big NASCAR race. I don't have a problem with the race being on, but when you go over and interfere with new episodes of The Simpsons, King of the Hill, American Dad, and a rerun of Family Guy, plus a later showing of Legend of the Seeker.

Everything was thrown off about 30 minutes. As a matter of fact, Family Guy didn't even come on because Fox was trying to get back on schedule because the damn left turn league couldn't stop having accidents or whatsoever. I turned the TV on about 6 or so and every time I would flip over they would be under caution. I was like WTF?!? If not for all that, the damn race more than likely would have been over a good 30 minutes earlier (at least).

NFL games do go over occasionally, and I could sit here and say that I don't mind them, but I do (unless it's a game I'm It would be hypocritical of me to say that, but there comes a point when you have to remember that there are people that tune in at said time to watch their Sunday evening programming. So, when we flip over and see a damn NASCAR race in its stead, it's really frustrating, especially when nothing else worth watching is on and they have like 100 laps to go and are under a caution flag.

Oh, and then when the race was over, they had to wait to get the "official" winner. In the meantime, they were talking to every driver they could track down. It was just as bad as watching horse racing. Where they come on 2 hrs before the race and just talk about useless stuff until the 2 min race. I will never get the point of that.

So, as you can tell, I am not a fan of NASCAR and am very perturbed about the delay of my shows last night. Unfortunately, I know this won't be the last time. Especially since the season seems to go on forever. I swear, golf, baseball, NASCAR, and tennis seasons seem to go on forever and day!

In case you were wondering what the left turn league is, its NASCAR. I heard someone on ESPN call them that the other day and decided to use it myself.


Speedcat Hollydale said...

I think racing is like watching water go down the drain too ... but please don't put golf in there!!! LOL

Hi from SpeedyCat :-)

Descartes said...

My own boring sport of choice is Road Cycling, the best known event being The Tour de France. This is a bicycle race that takes three weeks to complete and has a whole slew of jerseys that it awards from one thing or another.

But yeah, I've never understood that whole Nascar thing. Paint drying has always been my personal reference for the 'sport'.

Mystery Man said...

Speedcat- Hi! I wasn't putting golf in the same category as NASCAR. AT least golf has some excitement to

Descartes- You're right, bicycle racing is just as bad.