Thursday, March 26, 2009

Maybe there is justice!

I just read an article that said the company that makes the ugliest shoes in the world, crocs, may be going under. Now, its never a good thing for a business to go under. I don't want people to lose jobs. They work hard to make thise ugly things, but those are ungodly ugly and I'll be gladto see them gone. Whoever came up with them needs to be drug out into the street and shot!

Until thathappens, i'll just be content to know that they're losing popularity.


Shawn said...

What kind of horrible business practices were they engaged in that they're about to go out of business? I hate those shoes as much as you, but for a while it seemed like everyone on the planet was wearing them. If they weren't making money, then who is?

Lola said...

It seems whenever there is a shoe fad it doesn't last and the company goes belly up. Remember Earth Shoes? The heel (raised portion of the sole) was at the front rather than the back. They were quite comfortable. The company went belly up, now they are back, although I'm not sure they are the same. They look a bit different. Perhaps someone bought the name.

Mystery Man said...

Shawn- your guess is as gooas mine.

Lola- Earth shoes? the name sounds fmailiar, but i don't remember them.

The Fitness Diva said...

Amen! What eyesores!

The orange and the green ones are the worst! :P

Mystery Man said...

Finess Diva- you mya have a point, but the camoflage ones or the lsu one that look like tye-dye that they sell down here are the worst. I realy feel sorry for the babies whose parents force them to wear these things. poor kids!