Wednesday, June 3, 2009

25 and 20?

Last night AMC showed both Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 (see my reviews on my other blog (the link is right there in the sidebar).

What surprised me was that this is all part of a 25 yr celebration. As I told some of my facebook friends last night, I can't believe it's been 25 rs. I remember the first time I saw it gave me nightmares --hangs head in shame-- Now I love it, though.

20 yrs ago the sequel came out. Where has the time gone? Anyone else out there in shock about this like I?


Da Old Man said...

Nothing makes me feel older than watching movies now considered classics that I saw in theaters. I saw Star Wars back in, I can't believe it, 1977.
Seems like last week.

nipsy said...

Damn, now I feel old. I loved the Ghostbuster movies. I still have number one and two on

Sandi said...

wow that is a long time ago. I am old. lol I watched both movies last night myself.

tstreasures said...

OMG my husband and I are always saying "Was it THAT long ago that X happened!". I saw that the other day about Ghostbusters being 25yo and I about had a coronary...sheesh.

Descartes said...

I watched Ghostbusters first run, twice. That was back in the day when I rode my bicycle everywhere I went and had bums for steel, so yeah, I can believe it has been twenty-five years. It does seem like only yesterday though.

Everything I think about now seems to have the Twenty Years Ago prefix attached to it.

Mystery Man said...

Old Man- i know, right? especialyl movies that were integral aprts of our childhood. calling them cvlassic menas that we're not too far from antique

nipsy- i have one on VHS. just ordered both on DVD, though

tstreasures- where does the time go, indeed?

Descartes- first time watchedi t, i was like 4 and it gave me