Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The hood

A little less than a year ago, Hurricane Gustav came through here and took a good portion of the roof off the carport. Well, yesterday, the complex finally paid to get it repaired.

Sad part is, this is a least I seem to think so. I mean, this thing hangs off about 5 ft off the front and doesn't come to the fence on the other side. WTF?!?

Chalk this up to another "brilliant" decision by the homeowner's association. They cut down the trees a few months ago, saying they weren't necessary. Now, when high winds and everything are involved, I can understand cutting the branches back and all, that isn't the issue. My problem with that is, they add to the atmosphere around here, keep a little bit of a breeze flowing in the courtyard (not to mention keeps it from getting too hot). These petty people that live here, though, don't seem to get that, or at least they didn't until recently when we've gone most of the month without rain, and have had to have the air conditioners running on full blast because it's too hot.

What geniuses there are, huh?


Sherry said...

Give people a little power - and they run with it!

Mystery Man said...

tell me about it

MA Fat Woman said...

I hate HOAs!