Saturday, June 6, 2009

Colored tissue

I don't normally do the shopping in our house, so I'm not familiar with items that are still in circulation or not. Anyway, this morning, I went to by some toilet paper.

Why is this blameworthy news? well, the act in itself isn't, but let me ask you all something...does anybody remember when this stuff came in colors other than white? I seem to remember being able to get it in pink and blue, at least. I could just be imagining things, though.

Now, I didn't go specifically looking for colored toilet paper. That was just an observation I made. The random things I happen to see or think of, huh? lol


The Fitness Diva said...

Yes, yes, yes!
I observed this a few years ago while decorating my new apartment. I'd remembered as a kid seeing pink, baby blue and yellow Scott's toilet tissue in our bathroom...according to the whims of my Mom. I always loved when I sat my little bum down on the can and saw the blue one on the roll, because that's my favorite color.

When fixing up my new place, I designed my entire bathroom in hues of blue, and then went to get the corresponding tissue. And YEP!, there's no more colored toilet paper ANYWHERE anymore. I was like "what the hell???" Ruined my decorating plans, and bummed me out for at least half a day.
I don't know when or why they decided to discontinue the color selections (dye is bad for your tookus, perhaps?), but we used that stuff for YEARS and never had a problem! Sometimes there really can be too many damn safety precautions with product manufacturing. Bring back the colors! As long as they keep the lead out, I'm sure we'll be fine! ;)

Marjie said...

true....i still remember the pink ones when i was younger. no idea what happened, although it would be nice if they market those again.

Sherry said...

I had forgotten all about the colored toilet paper. Yes, I used to buy it in blue, yellow and green. There was always pink but I never bought the pink. I can't remember the last time I saw colored toilet paper. What nostalgia!!!

P. W. said...

I had problems. I stopped using colored tissue long before the manufacturers stopped dyeing tissue. I noticed after I would use colored tissue it would make my privates smell slightly like onions. I soon realized I had a problem but at first didn't make the connection of colored tissue. I went to the doctor's he could not find a problem. I started buying white tissue due to it being cheaper. If I was at someone else home and they had colored tissue, I would notice the onion smell again, I figured it out and, never used colored tissue again and no 'onion' odor. So maybe other people had similar trouble and complained so as to possibly why it is sold no longer. By the way, I didn't notice it wasn't sold in stores due I haven't used it in 15 over years.

Anonymous said...

I wondered as well what happened to the colored tp I was shopping for bathroom things for my new apartment and happened to come across blue and also green tp I haven't seen it in years but Scott is apparently back with it Now what happened to those toilet bowl tablets that came in purple and green Just blue now