Monday, June 29, 2009

People need to chill out pt. 2

A few days ago I posted about the overreaction to the characters of Mudflap and Skids in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. As promised, I said I would give an educated opinion to the characters and determine if this is true overreaction after seeing the film myself.

Well, I saw the movie Saturday, and came to this conclusion. PEOPLE NEED TO CHILL OUT!!!! That's right, there is nothing overtly offensive about these characters. They are clearly there for comic relief and are not trying to be some sort of racial stereotype.

Anyone that gets offended by this, or thinks they are offensive needs to take a look at themselves and ask why it is they are offended and if they would have been offended before these days of extreme political correctness.

While I wasn't offended, I did have some issues. First, there was no point to the gold tooth. The characters bordered on annoying, but no more than Spongebob (ironically, one of them is voiced by the same guy that gives Spongebob his voice).

A big stink was raised about them not being able to read. This was blown so far out of proportion it blows my mind. I was thinking they were given a book or something and it turns out they can't read, but it turns out they can't read ancient Transformer hieroglyphics. I wonder if those that made such big deal out of this can read ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. It's the same idea.

So, as expected, it is overreaction to these two characters. There is nothing offensive about them.

What happened to the days when people had sense of humor about things?

If you care to read my review of the film, you can do it here


Descartes said...

I remember that a lot of white people were offended for black people by the character of Jar Jar Binks-easily the worst idea that George Lucas ever had. I also remember a number of black people saying that they weren't particularly offended by this cartoon character with a Jamaican accent.

I have always believed that are some people who go through life looking for reasoned to be offended. As with everything else life, if you seek, you'll find.

I tend to be offended by movies that star CGIs-so I have skipped Transformers 2.

Mystery Man said...

i'm no fan of CGI, but I'll alow it for Transformers.

I'm with you, some people just look for thigns to be offended by. that's what it seems to be, anyway