Friday, June 12, 2009

Justice prevails

I'm no fan of this Carrie Prejean chick, but that doesn't cloud my judgment. When Trump ruled that she should keep her crown despite her semi nude photos, I'll admit I was wishing she'd lose it, but at the same time, I thought she should be given one more chance.

Before I go any further, I believe gay people (not sure what the PC term is these days) deserve the rights as everyone else. I know quite a few of you out there don't think so, and some of you do. That's fine, as long as we respect each other's opinions.

As I was saying, her answer at the Miss USA pageant, which she is still bringing up and saying it cost her the title (can we say sore loser) may very well have been her undoing.

The reason I say that is that she was thrust into the national spotlight for week aster the pageant, doing the whole media blitz and whatnot. However, while she was going around bragging about how God thinks gays are wrong and all but throwing a party when Prop 8 was overturned, she was neglecting her duties as Miss California.

Being a pageant queen is a job of sorts. Imagine if you didn't do your job for a few months, wouldn't you have been fired? Probably wouldn't have taken as long, but the answer is yes.

Now that she's been relieved of her duties, she's writing a book (is there anyone who doesn't write a book after their 5 minutes of fame these days) and is saying that had she not given that answer, she would still be Miss CA. Well, she's right. I don't want to say that she shouldn't have spoken her mind and all, but the fact that she took those few seconds and made a career out of it is deplorable. I for one am glad she got fired, and regretful that she's still going to be around spewing her gay hatred around the world just to make a few bucks (you know that's what this all about in the end)


Lola said...

Even though I'm a lesbian and am still waiting for my civil rights, she still is entitled to her opinion.

My issue with her is not only the forum she chose to give her opinoin, but also the way she handled the media blitz that followed. She's not a very good public speaker. And from what I've heard of the job, it is all about public appearances and speeches.

Mystery Man said...

...and she's still trying to keep this thing going. UGH!!!