Friday, June 26, 2009

Fallout from the recession, or realization that they made a huge mistake?

I'm a child of the 80s, so I grew up on MTV being an all video network (with a game show or two thrown in there). No doubt a few of you readers did the same. As I've gotten older I still turn to MTV for the chance to watch vids, or at least until they decided music wasn't what they wanted to do anymore (thanks alot Real World).

Back in the day, everyone was watching MTV, but as they've put on more and more non-music programming, their ratings have steadily dropped. It appears that someone has finally pulled their head out of you-know-where.

Many executives and various other employees have been released as a result of the fact that the head honcho realized no one wants to see reality shows on a music least not in the same vein as The Hills.

While many may wish the network to return to its roots (you would think with people bitching left and right for the past umpteen years, they'd have gotten the hint by now), but instead they're going to put....wait for it....MORE REALITY on the air!!!

They think by showing more "inspirational programming" such as the proposed 16 and Pregnant, viewers will come back in droves.

Maybe I've just become a bitter old fogey over the years, but I just don't see this bringing viewers back. On top of that, this hypocritical network is gearing up for their Video Music Awards in the fall, yet they haven't played a video all year, save for clips and splices at the end of their shows that aren't enough to say they played them at all.

Aside from the programming, I have to wonder why these people lost their jobs. I mean, they appeared to be safe for the past couple years or so while this crap was ruling the airwaves. Could this be recession related and their using the veil of changing their programming direction as a smokescreen? Hmmm...

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PJ said...

i am one of those that grew up with the music videos, and hate that the so called "reality" shows have taken over the television. they are everywhere! it is totally ridiculous and what is worse is that the younger population is actually believing that what they are seeing IS reality! BRING BACK THE MUSIC!!