Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Parking lot holdup

I know we all have things we do in the parking lot that may irk others, such as not returning the carts to the proper place, sitting in the car with the music blaring, etc.

We all always try for the prime spots. Some even take up the handicapped spots (at the risk of getting a ticket). I've never seen anyone hold up an entire line of traffic waiting for a spot, though.

...Until today!!!!

That's right, today I saw what extremes folks will go for a spot. I happened to be parked as close to the door as possible, short of being in the handicapped spot. As I was loading up groceries, this lady (in her pearl white Escalade, btw) decided she had the right to my spot. So, she put her car in park and waited while I loaded up all my groceries, which was quite a task, mind you.

While she was doing this, a line was forming behind her and it was starting to resemble the interstate around rush hour. This woman really wanted my spot.

I was half tempted to be evil and load everything up, then go back inside the store, but I didn't have time to do that. Ice cream was already melting, and it was too hot to leave meat and milk out in the car. So, I juts got in and left.

I can't help but feel irked at this, though. Do people really have to sit there and wait? There were plenty of good spots a little ways down for her to take, but because mine was the closest to the door, she just had to have it. Now, I don't wish to be judgmental. As far as I could tell, there was nothing wrong with her. If there was, then she should have had a handicapped sticker and parked in that spot.

Has anyone else encountered folks that sit and wait for your spot in the parking lot no matter how long it takes?


Descartes said...

Part of my extremely passing workout routine calls for me to park as far away as reasonably possible and walk into the store.

I did see a comedian one time who said that he liked to walk around in the closest parking spaces with his keys in hands.

flit said...

I have a disability permit that I no longer bother to use most of the time.

I've been yelled at for using it when I needed to (I don't LOOK disabled) - and I've also been yelled at for NOT using it and taking a close-ish spot when I could have taken a disabled spot instead.

Can't win for losing sometimes!

Sandi said...

I have been the one IN that line. lol I have literally sat behind someone blocking up the lane with their turn signal on and the whole works! Now when I was sick I didn't ever get a handicapped parking sticker or anything but I was so easily winded I would absolutely look for the closest spot, but no I never ever would hold up a line. Now I can walk my lazy butt a few extra feet. haha

Mystery Man said...

Descartes- extremey passing workout routine? is that what you're calling it these days? lol

i've actually thought of doing the key thing, but these days everyone is so paranoid they might accuse me of trying to break in or key someone's car

flit- you are so right

Sandi- how could you stand to be in that line? i'd have gone insane.