Sunday, June 7, 2009

Eye Candy 6/7

Female Hottie: Natalie Portman

This little hottie is best known as Princess Amidalya from the Star Wars prequels, but she has done quite a bit more than that. She recently took a break from acting to pursue other interests. I think she was working on her degree or something. A face like that is made to be in front of cameras.

Male Hottie: Harry Connick, Jr.

Musician/actor Harry Connick, Jr. has been making ladies swoon with his voice and good looks for years now. His breakout acting role was on the show Will & Grace, where he played Grace's husband Leo. His time on that show boosted his album sales and apparently his sex appeal. Enjoy ladies!

Random Hottie from a movie or TV show seen this week: Kaley Cuoco

Kaley first came into the general public knowledge as John Ritter's eldest daughter on 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter, which she followed up by appearing on the final season of Charmed. A few minor spots here and there and lending her voice to Brandy of Disney's Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, we get to the reason she's in this spot. Currently, she can be seen as Penny in The Big Bang Theory.

MILF: Lela Rochon

Can you believe she's 45? Lela is not the most popular actress on the planet, but she has starred in a few films, such as Any Given Sunday, Boomerang, Why Do Fools Fall in Love?, and her biggest role as Robin in Waiting to Exhale. She is the mother of two beautiful children. Hopefully we'll see her in front of the camera again soon.

Classic/Retro Hottie: Julie Newmar

As you can tell by the photo I selected, Julie Newmar is best known as Catwoman from the old Batman show. There were a handful of actresses to portray Catwoman during the show's tenure, but, make no mistake she was Julie's character. Catwoman was not the only character Julie played, she also had roles in film and stage as well as developed her own line of pantyhose, plus there was a film that pays homage to her, Too Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar. Julie still lives in L.A. and is currently writing 5 books.


Valerie David said...

Wow. I didn't realize Kaley was from 8 Simple Rules. I didn't watch the show, but I remember the commercials. I'm feeling really old now. Gah.

And Harry's been doing movies for ages, as far back as Memphis Belle in 1990. He also was really freaky in Copycat with Sigourney Weaver and Holly Hunter. He even did a sort of rom-com thing with Sandra Bullock in Hope Floats. He's actually got 24 listed roles on IMDB. Yeesh. This guy's got a little too much ambition for me...heh.

Mystery Man said...

i didn't realzie it either until someone pointed it out to me.

thanks for the added info on Harry, I had no idea he'd done that much. Wow!