Tuesday, June 9, 2009

3D...is it a cover up?

I'm sure you've all seen these commercials for movies coming out that say they're in 3D, right? Well, have you noticed that more and more of them seem to be popping up?

I saw Up this weekend (review is on my movie blog) and chose to go the non-3D route. Now, I was expecting to see a handful of people if any in there. I was totally surprised to see a full theater. One of my students works in the theater and said that the 3D sold well in the opening weekend, but since then, its been like a ghost town in there.

Now, in these hard economic times, one has to wonder what is it that studios are thinking with this 3D movement. I'm not sure what the exact different in ticket price is, but I think it's like $5 or so...that's $5 for some plastic glasses you can't use anymore, because the next 3D movie you go to, you have to buy a new pair.

My theory about 3D is that the theaters got together with the studios and realized that people weren't buying their expensive food ($6 for a plain old hot dog?!?), so to get "revenge", they dusted off the 3D concept.

Of course, if what I hear is true, and the economic downturn continues, people may still be finding way around it. Unless the government decides to make it a law that all cameras are 3D like they've done with the HD broadcasting thing.

What do you think? Is 3D just a new fascination? Cover up? New way to suck people's money? All of the above?


The Hawg! said...

I'm not sure what to make of it all, other than the fact that people seem to get interested in 3D movies every couple of decades or so. I did not, however, realize they were charging more for it these days -- that's a shame.

I may go see "Up" just to see what all the 3D fuss is about. When we went through this in the 1980s, it seemed the fad flopped in a hurry.

Revin said...

When I worked at a movie theater, we had a couple of 3D movies. We never charged for the glasses cause the glasses were sent to the theater for free. If they are charging $5 for the glasses, it sounds like just another way to take your money. But then again the movie companies take about 90% of the money made from tickets..

Lola said...

I think it's just a scam to make more money.

Descartes said...

The good people who make movies are all about the Benjamins, as some movie told me. I think it's just one more grasp to bring back the good old days when everyone went to watch the movies.

Now it's pretty tough to compete with such exciting stuff as blogs, twitter, bing porn videos, and the gazillion tv channels.

They are trying to make it worth your time to go to a movie and pay twenty dollars for a bucket of popcorn and liter of soda.

Mystery Man said...

Hawg- i know what you mean about the cycle. i remember in the 80s, it was somewhat of a big thing. Up is really good, but I warn yo, its kid of sad.

Revin- I belibve the glasses are part of the ticket cost, as is the cos of putting on that special film. in oher words, just like you said, it's another way to suck audiences dry

Lola- yes indeed

Descartes- first we have to deal with their lack of imagination and these hrod remakes, now they wan to suck us dry with 3D.

Only reason I buy anything is becuse one of my students works there and they get some sort of commission for the stuff they sell.

I'm with you, though. The good old days when movies were worth watching need to com back, but I fear they are gone with the days of reality free TV, sitcoms, and giving a show a chance to grow