Friday, June 19, 2009

PETA dun did smoked themselves retarded!!!

Will someone please tell me who it is that's in charge of PETA? Whoever it is that is pulling the strings over there these days must be on some supreme power trip.

I mean, the organization began as a respectable group who fought for animal rights, such as the way they are treated on movie and TV sets and what not.

In the years since its inception, though, they have gotten to be more and more radical in their beliefs. Nothing wrong with that...this is a free country after all, but these days they're just teetering on the loony.

For instance, I seem to remember reading that they wanted to change the name of fish to sea kitties or something like that in n effort to get people to stop eating fish. WTF?!?

They wanted Ben & Jerry's to replace cow's milk in their ice cream with human breast milk. *SIGH* What happened to the days when they would accost a woman on the street for wearing fur by throwing blood on her? Those days seem normal compared to what these fools say now.

The most recent act of ludicrosity has to do with President Obama. The other day he was being interviewed by one of the news channels and a fly flew in. In what resembled a scene from The Karate Kid, as one person put it, he laid the smack down on the fly with martial arts quick, catlike reflexes which resulted in the fly's

This got PETA's panties all in a wad. I don't know about you, but I've swatted more than a few flies in my day and haven't given them a second though. Does that make a bad person? No, it just means that I don't care to be pestered by an insect who feeds on waste and, in my opinions, is a step below mosquitoes and a step above roaches.

Why they made such a big stink about this has me dumbfounded. It was just a fly. It's not like he choked a cat or something. Maybe I'm just not thinking like they do, but something just isn't right here.They're making too big a deal of this. It was just a fly, not like it was anyones pet or anything. UGH!


Lola said...

Look at all the free publicity PETA has gotten. Whoever their public relations/ad agency is, you have to admit they are genius, in a twisted sort of way. They could never afforded the kind of publicity they've gotten from this, from their "Girl On Girl Make-Out Tour" and the supposedly banned Superbowl Veggie Lover's Ad.

PJ said...

when i heard that they sent over some humane fly traps to catch them and release them, i was totally floored. ridunkulous i tell you!

C.B.Jones said...

I make it a point to eat two sea kitties every Friday night. They taste great with tartar sauce and coleslaw.

Mystery Man said...

Lola- thanks for being a regular commenter. I need to step u my commenting. --hangs head in shame--

such a shame that PETA goes to these extremes just for a little publicity

PJ- humane fly traps? are you serious?

C.B.- how were the sea kitties? lol