Saturday, June 20, 2009

Annoying people

I'm sure I'm not the only one that has grown weary of more than a few people that just don't seem to get the hint that no one wants to hear/see them anymore. These "celebrities" and others just don't get it. Their 15 minutes of fame (if they even had that) are more than over.

First up on my list have to be Jon & Kate. I've never watched Jon & Kate Plus 8 nor do I have any plans of doing so. There is just something disturbing about watching a family of 8 children and their everyday lives. How is this entertainment? Not to mention, every time I see clips of that show, it looks like Jon is ready to go postal on Kate. Now, all of a sudden, conveniently before the season premiere, all this infidelity news comes out. Coincidence? I think not. Now, they just don't want to go away...Kate more so than Jon. As a matter of fact, haven't heard anything about Jon, it's all about Kate. The ratings are down on their show. Speculation is that it has to do with all the news about divorce and whatnot, so what happens? They say they'll have a big announcement soon. Ugh! Guess they're not going anywhere anytime soon. --bangs head against desk--

Next we have Paris Hilton. Now, I will admit she has toned it down since her jail time, or maybe its just that others have overshadowed her, but she is still annoying. Just because she's the daughter of a hotel mogul does not mean she's entitled to celebrity status. There are a ton of actors and actresses out of work that deserve the treatment she's getting, but instead because daddy pays for everything, the media all but bows down at her feet. Her sister, Nikki, was just as bad at first, but has since stepped out of the limelight to create her own fashion line. *GASP* She wants to make a name on her own. Little sister is wise, why can't big sister follow in her footsteps? Did the fact people literally went to see House of Wax for the one scene where she dies not tip her off? what about the fact that every movie she's been in has flopped? No need for me to mention her music career...or lack thereof. The only thing she has done that has been any sort of success was The Simple Life, which eventually led to her losing her best friend Nicole Richie. Now she's so desperate to find someone to like her, that MTV (total geniuses over there) has given her the chance to do so in a reality show. The first one apparently left her in Europe somewhere, so she's trying it again. Good grief, Paris, take the hint and go away!

Whatever your political beliefs are, you can't say that you're not tired of all this back and forth between the parties. Can't we all just get along? Dick Cheney was as quiet as a mouse, (except for his heart problems and shooting some guy in the face) while he was vice-president, yet now he yap-yap-yapping. Rush Limbaugh, who probably came out of his mom telling the doctor he wasn't delivered right, is doing all he can to discredit Obama. As bad these two guys are, they pale in comparison to Sarah Palin. When she first came into national attention last summer, she was a breath of fresh air for the Republican Party. A smart, sexy female, which was a contrast to the the perceived notion that Republicans are stuck up white men. However, like a new toy, the lustre wore off. Since she and John McCain lost the election she has been doing all she can to stay in the spotlight, even making a HUGE fuss over a harmless joke told by David Letterman. Who is running Alaska while she's trying to drag out her fame is my question.

There many others that could go on this list, but none have reached the point of annoying even the most calm and collected as Heidi and Spencer Pratt. If ever there was case to stop making reality shows because they create these faux "star", these two singlehandedly take care of that task. The on;y reason I even know of them is because Joel is always making fun of them on The Soup. Fact is, though, that there are people that actually watch their show The Hills. On top of that, NBC thought it would be a smart idea to have them on there excuse for not showing real programming this summer, I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here (the show is on 4 days a week...WTF?!?) This backfired on them, though, and every episode they were on had lower and lower ratings, yet once they left, the ratings went up. Heidi appears to have gone to the Paris Hilton school of fame because she's had two songs released. Sad part is, they make Paris sound like Celine Dion. Yes, it's that bad. Spencer thinks he's God's gift to the world and is a cocky bastard. Whether this is a character they're playing or not, the act is wearing thin. E! even has a poll up asking if they should stop doing stories on them, short of something important like them dying or getting arrested, etc. Seems like the only people that care about these society leeches are MTV, who bend over backwards to make them happy. When they showed up on an actual network getting interviewed, they seemed to be shocked that they weren't asked stuff like "what movie premiere are you going to" or "how is L.C." or something like that. After the interview they went crying to Ryan Seacrest (as if he could do anything), saying they weren't treated fairly. I wouldn't be surprised to see more interviews, if they have to happen at all, rake them across the coals.

Here's the interview with Al Roker. Who do you think the villain is? Did he mistreat Heidi? Was he just doing his job and they just couldn't handle it?


Lola said...

I saw a clip of the Al Roker interview. I thought Mr. Roker was a pussycat. He wasn't mean. He politely asked questions and they weren't even tough, probing type questions. The Pratt's blew it all out of proportion for...

That's all they're about and their 15 minutes of fame is done.

Dorothy L said...

I agree..the drama queens of our world. They tend to get lost in their acting scripts and cannot get back to the reality of the world.

I would seriously not want to be an actor. I think they have to take on a certain amount of arrogance as do competitive athletes. Some get stuck on it and some managed to maintain a healthy balance.

I doubt Al Roker could be intrusive even if he is not in his personality.

Mystery Man said...

Lola- indeed he was and they need to go away. maybe their religious experience (if by any stretch of the imagination it turns out to be real) will send them away. we can hope, right?

Dorothy- i'm with you. i couldn't handle the fame. roker did what anyone else would do. they just couldn't handle it becuse they're not used to getting asked real questrions