Monday, June 29, 2009

Leave him alone

So, in case you haven't bothered to read some of my earlier posts, or have been living under a rock for the past few days, Michael Jackson died last week.

I'm hoping that he has gone on to a better place. His music and memory will live on forever.

However, some people feel the need to bring up the negative parts of his life. They can't just leave him be.

I was reading one blogger who said they didn't understand how the nation could be so "ga-ga for a child molester". On Youtube, it appears as if there are people so pissed that Michael is getting such positive coverage they went to each and every single MJ video and posted disparaging remarks, some obscene and laden with expletives. Then we have Debbie Rowe, who is the mother of two of Michael's children saying she doesn't want anything to do with them and is making allegation that he is not their father. Let's not mention his father Joe, who isn't exactly known for being a pillar of caring towards his son, plugging his new record label in an interview last night.

Now, I'll go one record and say that the coverage is getting to be a bit much now, but there is no need to defame the man.

To those out there that don't think/understand how people can feel sorry for a "child molester", I say to you prove that he molested those children. I want physical proof. Until you can provide me with that, he is innocent. You're entitled to your opinions, but why must you feel the need to speak ill of the dead?

As far as Debbie Rowe and Joe Jackson, they have officially replaced the awful mess that is Speidi on my @#@#list, which is pretty bad.

Michael just wanted to be left alone for most of his life, so why is it people keep wanting to drag his name through the dirt for their own selfish means? Please, leave him alone and let him R.I.P. He doesn't deserve the treatment the media has been giving him,specifically CNN and the ones that would rather focus on the negative aspects of his life rather than the impact and joy he and his music brought billions of people over the years.

When they can pull off a feat equal to that, then they can think about saying his name, if they're worthy.

The way his death has turned into a circus is just disgusting.


C.B. Jones said...

Perhaps you're right...

...I'm still trying to figure out what brand of wine was referred to as "Jesus Juice".

Valerie David said...

There is no doubt that Michael had serious problems/issues, but I never blamed him exclusively for them. There were a lot of people that helped make a mess of his life and he suffered for it.

I think the coverage is too much, as it will no doubt continue to be, but I don't know why they have to keep bringing up all of the dirt and negative stuff. I agree with you that they never proved any allegations, so in his case I think they should follow the old saying of "Don't speak ill of the dead." What good can it do now to bring this stuff up?

Lola said...

It is getting to be a bit much.

Perhaps the "Jesus Juice" was really just Welch's Grape Juice and he was just playing pretend? Who knows, since there is no proof it was alcohol.

Have you seen the like billion sites now that are claiming that Michael Jackson faked his death? That it's a hoax, that he did what people claim that Elvis did and faked his death to live anonymously.

Sandi said...

You just said it all. I agree! This is one talented man. He did a lot for music. I am not an obsessed Michael fan but I loved his music and I know talent when I see it. As for the child molestation charges my opinion is that it may or may not have happened. He would be a prime target to blackmail so you know I hesitate to say anything much less pass judgment on someone else. That is so not my place. I am definitely sick of hearing people cut him down when he can no longer defend himself.

PJ said...

i agree in that enough is enough. whatever he did or didn't do, he is gone now. let it rest...

Mr. New Dilemma said...

Glad you made this post so I don't have to. There is certainly alot of venom out there.

Sherry said...

No doubt he was a talented musician and performer.

Mystery Man said...

C.B.- "Jesus Juice"? where did that come from?

Valerie- well said. I am starting to think they're bringing all this stuff up just becuse he's sad and pathetic as that is

Lola- I came across a couple this morning. Pathetic

Sandi- not myp lace, either, but enough is enough

PJ- thanks for agreeing

New Dilemma- just onbe less thing for you to

Sherry- indeed

Dori said...

Great post! Well said. He was a great performer and I'll be dancing to his music forever.

I agree. I'm so sick of people being lousy about him now that he is no longer here to speak on his own behalf....I say let him rest in peace at long last.

Isolated Existence. said...

I wrote a post about him yesterday and I agree with you. Why talk bad about the man now that he is dead and worse when you claim to be his friend...