Friday, January 30, 2009

Another actress gains a few lbs and the press jumps on her

There was a time when I had the hugest crush on Jessica Simpson, then it dwindled down to she got annoying, then last year she showed up at Cowboys games that they we see a pattern here? Having said that, I wouldn't wish the treatment she's gotten in the press this week on my worst enemy.

I can't recall what it was that I was watching last night, but it was some sort of news program in which they were discussing Jess, her weight, it being a slow news week, etc.

Personally, it looks like she's put on a few (probably from eating too much chili at the chili cook off she's performing, but so what? Is there something wrong with that? As long as she's comfortable in her skin. Some reports have said that this is a publicity stunt by her dad. If that is so, then that is really sad and not good for her health. Personally, I have to agree with everyone that says that the outfit she's wearing doesn't do her any favors, either.

Tell me, what do you think? Is this the usual press jumping on actress who gained weight? Slow news week? Something else?


Heather said...

The main thing is she's not even that much bigger. It's the outfit, the waistline, the tight belts. They nit pick people to death just to have some news. It's ridiculous, and it's this kind of scrutiny and intrusion into their lives that killed people like Princess Diana. ridiculous.No one mentioned how exceptionally happy JS looks in this picture, b/c they don't care about the good. Good doesn't sell - negative does.

Cashmere said...

She did put on a lot of weight. But nevertheless, the papz should stop hunting people just because they gain weight.. There's nothing wrongin gaining weight. It's just so sickening how the world is obsessed with weights..

Akirah said...

I don't think it's the fact that she's gained weight, I think it's more that her outfit was hideous. I think it's fine that she gained some weight, but she'll need to learn how to dress her body better. But it is ridiculous that people focus on it so much. She may not be that smart, but she's a beautiful girl and she has a good voice too.

Mystery Man said...

Heather- I agree. She's not that much bigger, but you know how it is gain a lb and in Hollwood's eys its like a ton! Too bad the media can't conetrate on the positiv things people do rather than focus n theor wastelines and shortcomings

Cashmere- wonder what they would do if the tables were turned?

Akirah- that outfit is pretty bad. reminds me of 80s soccer