Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Challenge Update

About 3 weeks ago, I put up a post about the 100 push up challenge that I was embarking on, that you can read here At that time I maxed out at only 17 pushups. How sad is that?

well, a little bit of time has passed and it siad for me to take another evaluation exam. This time I pumped out a more respectable 52 (though the last 5 or so were a bit of a struggle). So I guess I am making progress. Wohoo!


Jen said...

I'm not even sure I could do 5. Good for you for making some progress and for sticking with it.

Mystery Man said...

thanks! when i first started, i wasn't sure i;d be able to as many as i pumped out initially, so it was a pleasant surprise and keeps getting better. :)