Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sleep is good

Well, here I am back at work and I feel like I'm about to crash a any minute. Someone needs to bring me a Red Bull or something to make it through these last 2 1/2 hours. As soon as I get home, I'm hitting the sheets! Sleep is good!

(probably wouldn't be so tired, if I wouldn't have been up to 3...lol)


Monica said...

Oh I hope you get some sleep. ;)

Sandi said...

It definitely is. I got very little sleep two nights ago. Watching a sunrise after ZERO sleep is not nearly as beautiful as it should be. ;)

Monica said...

Awww.... you are right though! LOL Things seem a bit dimmer when you are ready to pass out asleep. ;)

Glad you got the sleep!

foongpc said...

Sleep is always good! It's my favourite pastime! Haha!

Mystery Man said...

Monica- i'm slowly but surely cathcuing up on sleep

Sandi- you are so right

foongpc- sleep is your favorite pastime? lol one of mine, too! hahaha