Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Power outage

Let me just say that I'm starting to really despise power outages. Guess you figured out that it went out this morning, huh? No, this wasn't the big major outage like after Gustav, but it did make me late to work this morning.

I hate being late to work! I'm pretty sure the sub wasn't too happy when I walked in and she had to go home. I felt so bad for her, but since I'll be out tomorrow, I didn't want to lose 2 days like that, but I did promise her that I'll be out all day

Oddly enough, my alarm clock didn't go off. It appears as though the batteries are dead or something got shorted out. I need to start setting an emergency alarm, I suppose. Not sure when the power exactly went out, but the little woman had already left for work, so it must have been after she left, which is shortly before I usually wake up.

Oh well, no big. These things happen.


Sandi said...

Yeah it's happened to me many times...but it's usually waking up my kiddos for school. I usually give up if we're running too late. =/

Mystery Man said...

lol...i had the same problem whenever I visit my