Saturday, February 28, 2009

Disney conservative

I'm a big fan of Disney, or I used to be when it stood for something other than over hyping overrated tween "stars". I miss the days of Mickey and the gang, animated movies that were *GASP* hand drawn, and classic Disney programming on Disney channel.

This weekend, the Disney folks are letting their 3 Satanic spawns, the Jonas Brothers (don't get me started on that mess they called performing with the living legend, Stevie Wonder, because that was just demeaning for Stevie) release some kind of concert film. Many of my students are 15-16yr old females and the mere mention of these boys makes them wet their panties. I don't understand the fascination.

I've listened to their music and while it isn't the greatest in the world, nor is it my cup of tea, it doesn't suck. However, because they are part of the Disney tween movement, they are being made out to be the next coming of The Rolling Stones or something, when in actuality, they're just another boy bad whose probably won't last. I'd say they wouldn't, but they are brothers, after were the Jacksons...but these boys don't have anyone as charismatic as Michael was.

So, by now you're wondering what's up with the title, am I right? Well, one of the girls who was dripping wet at the mention of these over hyped adolescents said I need to come out of the dark ages and stop being such a Disney conservative.

If being a Disney conservative means I don't want to be bombarded with Hannah Montana and the Jonas Bros, as well as the lack of true Disney programming on the Disney channel,then I'll gladly accept the title. I'm sure I'm not the only one.


SE said...

I want a REAL Disney channel! If only we could overthrow the ridiculous copywrong laws maybe we could create our own.

Lola said...

Sign me up, I'm one too!

My daughter positively drools over the Jonas Brothers. She knows better than to even ask if I'll take her to the 3d extravaganza. I am not a fan.

I'm sure I'd be considered hypocritical considering as a teen I had the Osmonds and Jacksons posters all over my room, but so be it.

Shinade said...

i like it very much!! Wow and I would love a trip to Disney!!:-)))

Lin said...

Disney is out for money, like everyone else--except that parents everywhere think that if it is Disney it is good. Although that isn't necessarily so, parents think they can just turn their kids over to anything Disney and it's fine. Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers are just another example of Disney cramming "white bread" entertainment down our throats. We need to examine what they are feeding our children and decide if that is really quality entertainment. Yeah, they are clean enough, but good? Nah. If you quit buying the t-shirts, posters, etc. for junior then we are back in control as parents.

Mystery Man said...

SE- glad to know I'm not the only. Thanks for the link about the copywrong channels, btw.

Lola- welcome to the

Shinade- i think we all could use a trip to Disney,

Lin- that's all well and good, except for the fact that I'm not a prent, just a fan.