Friday, February 13, 2009

Since when

What do you think of when think of sports? Football, basketball, baseball, hockey? Maybe even cheer leading, NASCAR, etc, right? So, will someone please tell me why the dog show is getting covered on ESPN?

This is not a sport. It's just some prissy little bitches and bastards (literally) trotting around for some stuffed shirt judges who grade them on some off the wall crap. What's next? Miss Teen USA being covered by ESPN2?

I'm no dog lover. As a matter of fact, I can't stand them, but this is not a biased blog. A dog show is not sport. Poker is more of a sport than this mess.

For that matter, if they MUST show this, then why not show a cat show. I'm tired of the infatuation with dogs in this country while cats get walked on. It's speciesism!

Damn! Where is the cat's Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or other leaders to speak out for them? Hello?!? Tony the Tiger? Sylvester? Garfield? Heathcliff? C'mon guys! Cats of the world need a voice!


foongpc said...

Speciesism! ha ha! Did you invented that word or can it found in the dictionary? LOL!

Anonymous said...

I remember when I was really little, like 6 years old, they used to cancel WWF Monday Night Raw for a dog show. I'd get SO pissed.

Sara said...

Sorry, can't agree. I love the dog show. Hope the dachshunds take it all this year.

Mystery Man said...

foongpc- i heard it once before, but otherwise, i created it. guess i should go trademark

Unemployed Asshole- you're right. WWF (remember when it was called that) should not be cancelled for a damn dog show

Sara- lol i still say there should be a cat show