Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Everything falls apart

I'm sure I'm not alone with this sentiment, but have you ever noticed that things seem to fall apart at the most inopportune time? For example, I just had to shell out $512 to get my chimney replaced because it was rotted out (according to the roofers...something to do with the roof wouldn't take or get insured until the chimney was replaced) Luckily, the whole complex had to pay the same price, so that wasn't too bad in terms of it wasn't just me. The dryer started acting funky...thought maybe I was going to have to either start washing clothes here and then go to a washeteria to dry them. Haven't been to one of those since college! Oh, and there's still that little matter of these petty elitist wanting to get my grandfather's car moved because it's a public nuisance. We finally got the hood up. The battery is dead as a doornail and can't be charged (according to Auto Zone), one of the belts is broken, and the latching mechanism for the hood is broken (which is why it wouldn't open).

*SIGH* I may have to call Mommy and Daddy and beg for some help. No that I read all this, it sounds like its worse than it is, the big thing is the roof and of course the car thing, which I jut need to prove the car starts, so getting a new battery is priority, then as time goes on, the rest of the issues can be fixed.

So, have any of you had similar experiences where everything starts to fall apart at the same time? C'mon, you know you have!


Raven said...

Oh Dog yes!! It seems that when one thing goes wrong, all other things seem to follow and go wrong too. It's like the good things in your life get jealous of the attention paid to the catastrophes and vie for their moment in the spotlight.

Sandi said...

oh...you have no idea. Yes. Absolutely. It's how things go for me it seems.

Staci said...

It happens to me all the time. Everything either breaks at the same time (anytime something big breaks in my house, I start walking around it, trying to guess what's going to break the next day), or I run out of everything, from toilet paper and food to Zyrtec and shampoo, at the same time. You know how they say celebrities die in threes? Well, I think that's how things break as well.

foongpc said...

Yes, it does happen to me and I absolutely hate it! But I just go with the flow and stop whining or complaining, and actually just laugh out loud, then I feel much better and I find it does not seem so bad after all! Especially when I compare to unfortunate victims of war and famine in some countries and I just tell myself how blessed I am! : )