Friday, February 13, 2009

They took it

If you will recall last month I posted here that an unknown party had reported my grandfather's car to the police and I was given 30 days to movie it because it was a "nuisance" due to the fact that it was just sitting there. you can read the entire blog here.

Well, we tried to contact the police and get the situation resolved, but it seems as if they weren't taking our calls and Wednesday they came and took it. Apparently, they came at 10 am. Kind of an odd time to come, seeing as how both myself and the Little woman were at work.

To make it worse, when we called to find out what happened, lo and behold, they answered the phone! WTF?!? Doesn't this sound bit fishy to you?

So, it's $14/day for each day they have it, not to mention towing fees, and it still has to be proven that it runs. UGH!!! I so wish I knew who made this anonymous report, and make them pay for all this.

Talked to a friend of mine the other day though, and he gave me some sage advice, which was to not get mad, since that is more than likely what they want. I'm trying not to, but this is my inheritance we're talking about here. Yes, I don't drive the car anymore, but it has sentimental value.

I will be glad when this whole situation is over, that's for sure.


Cashmere said...

I hope this will be settled quickly and amicably.. You should have dropped by their station for a talk when you couldn't get them on the phone.. Now they have the upperhand unfortunately.

Mystery Man said...

unfortunatly you're right, but the 'rents are coming to take care of it next week, so hopefully it will get resolved. they're much more forceful and authoritative than i