Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Prom time

One of the joys of being a teacher is all the stuff I have to chaperon (note the sarcasm). Apparently, I now get the joy of chaperoning prom. Now, I really don't remember either of my proms having chaperons, just the Oh well, I guess there are worse things I could have been volunteered for such as early morning bus duty or monitoring state testing. Now that I think abut it, prom isn't so bad. I may even have fun...or not. We'll see in a couple of months.


Cashmere said...

I love proms.. It's one of those times that you get to dress up and have a great time! :D

Nicole said...

At first I didn't remember having chaperones at mine either but then it came to me-The 10 teachers that were there hung out together,basically ignored us all night and seemed like they had a better time than hopefully you won't have too bad of a time-it does beat proctoring an exam

Denise said...

that could be fun for you.
we didn't have chaperons when we had our prom.

Mystery Man said...

Cashmere- i think girls have more fun than guys at these things

Nicole- sounds like

Denise- you had a prom with no chaperons? lucky!