Friday, February 6, 2009

A little girl's fascination

Part of my job as an educator requires me to make trips to visit and observe other teachers in the area. Yesterday was one of those days.

Nothing unusual happened yesterday. The typical boring class stuff, complete with me having to write down everything I saw and compile it into a report...and to think I thought when I got my degree, I wouldn't have to do any more work like

So, anyway, in almost every class there would be at least 1 little girl who would lock her gaze on me and watch every move I would make. I wonder if I had gained a few fans. It sure seemed like it, but I could be wrong. Chances are, it was probably just the novelty of having someone new in the room.

Too bad it wasn't a fascination, though. Not to sound bad or creepy or anything, but if I was still in high school, I wouldn't have minded going out with them.

Well, I have to go back out there Monday, so I'll see if the gaze is still there. I should be able to determine whether it's a crush or a novelty glance.

What do you think it could be?


Cashmere said...

LOL! I think you've got yourself a fan! ;P

Buzzing J said...

Hmmm ... a spy!

My Autism Insights said...

I'm going to go with novelty. I get similar looks when I visit my kids classes.

Mystery Man said...

Cashmere- you think so? lol

Buzzing J- a spy, you say? hmm...

My Autism Insights- guess we'll never know