Monday, September 29, 2008

The Boss at the Super Bowl?

Remember in the not so distant past when the Super Bowl halftime act was someone relevant? Then came "Nipplegate" and the NFL freaked out and got all conservative with their choices of halftime entertainment.

It seems since that fateful day, the NFL has been so scared to book anyone under 50. Not to take anything away from these acts. I mean, Prince was the act a couple years ago, and rocked the house. There is a reason these older acts have lasted this long, and are even considered. It's because they know how to make a hit and perform. However, the fact remains that none of them are in their prime anymore.

It should be noted that the average football fan could care less about the halftime show unless it was a bunch of half naked girls out there doing a strip tease or something along those lines.

However, I do care for the halftime show. I have no qualm with seeing older acts, but I think in today's world, and to bring in ratings, there needs to be a newer act headlining. I mean, one year Brittany Spears, N'Sync, and Aerosmith performed at the big game. If memory serves me right, Britany was the headlining act. Fast forward that to today. Replace N'Sync with some boy band that's out there now (if there are any left), and I guarantee you Aerosmith would be the headliners. Nothing wrong with that, though, I love Aerosmith. I'm just saying.

I remember being so disappointed a few years back when the big game was held in Detroit, and there was no mention of Motown! If they wanted to keep with their parade of old fogey acts, they could have brought out Stevie Wonder. I guarantee he would have brought down the house but instead they had some country act. Don't quote me on that.

This year, they have chosen Bruce Springsteen as the halftime entertainment for the game down in Tampa, FL. I have tremendous respect and admiration for The Boss, but how many people under the age of 25 even know who he is? If not for some Springsteen songs I played in high school band, I probably wouldn't know who he is, either. I realize he has a great resume behind him and all, but given the choice between Springsteen and say...Leona Lewis, I'd have chosen Leona. Much easier on the eyes, and she's relevant to today's crowd.

I may end up being proven wrong, though. Bruce may put on a good show. It just seems that the NFL is still scared of something and they need to stop cowering and grown their balls back!

Things could be worse...they could have chosen Miley Cyrus or the Jonas Bros.


Designing Hilary said...

I got excited when I heard the announcement. Springsteen knows how to entertain the crowd and give them more than they expect.

I've seen him twice in concert. He is the standard I judge all other live acts and no one has even come close, including Prince.

In a two hour concert, Prince was on the stage for all of about 50 minutes.

In a two hour concert, Bruce was on the stage for about 3 hours!

Rambler said...

You nailed it. I would also add that while I love Bruce, for a guy who has built his whole career on steering clear of the crass comercialization and corporate elements of the world to play the Super Bowl is a big letdown.

What songs will he play? Whatever the NFL tells him to play.