Tuesday, September 30, 2008


If you've read some of my earlier blogs, you'll recall that I have a thing for sandals. Well, yesterday, the little woman and I went shopping as another way of getting her out of the funk she's been in since Friday.

She is well aware of my love of open toed sandals and such. I swear, she was trying to mess with my head, because every pair of shoes she tried on was an open toed sandal of some sort.

What made it even worse, was that the cork one for some reason drove me to the point of almost picking her up, going home, and...well...use your imagination!

So, on top of the other obsessions I have discovered, I guess you can add cork sandals to the list. She did get a nice pair that she says are some of the most comfortable shoes she's ever worn.

Oh well, at least I didn't start jingling keys in my pocket (see my previous blog entitled "The strange man and the mannequin")

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