Sunday, September 7, 2008

The adventures of Gustav

Well, it's been a week since I last blogged. That can be blamed00% on hurricane Gustav. That bad boy came through Baton Rouge Monday, and while my house didn't suffer any damage, parts of the city were badly damaged. Not in the way New Orleans was during Katrina and Rita, but still pretty damaging.

As far as I'm concerned, nothing was damaged. Some trees had their branches blown off, and the complex had the roof of the carport blown off. It wasn't that bad. However, the lights went out at 9:30 Monday morning and didn't come back on until a little after 5 Saturday afternoon!

This was not a fun period, but I can say, I got to know some of my neighbors, do some thinking, and remember what times were like before Internet. I think everyone who reads this can remember those days. Some may even remember what the days were like before TV.

I'm big on the retro factor, as you may or may not know, and this week let me see what it was like to sit around listening to the radio. That's all there was to do! Without power, there was no cable or Internet, food in the fridge went bad, ice cream melted, etc. It wasn't a pleasant situation.

Now, just because it took nearly a week to get my power back, doesn't mean that the whole city is back up. As a matter of fact, it was said that some of the hardest hit places may be out for 14-21 days! I'm glad to have my lights back on, but I feel for them, especially those older people.

I was thinking I should've evacuated, but the little woman didn't want to, and people told me that when Katrina and Rita came through, the power was only out for a few hours. So, going by them, I decided tro stay, and ended up having to deal with a week of no power! I believe there's one out there in the Gulf deciding which way it wants to go. If it heads this way, I'm headed out! This is the reason I don't like living in south Louisiana!

Amazingly, people who you never see before, suddenly appear when they have no lights. This was the case. One of he neighbors, whom I never see, actually was out of her house most of the time. Granted, she does work in a hospital and has long hours, which explains why she's never She's such a cutie and nice as can be. If I wasn't

Listening to the radio, I have come to the conclusion, some people are stupid! The station had a program informing people about power, emergency supplies, schools, etc. Well, they specifically said, don't call asking about a specific neighborhood getting power. Well, what do you know, guess what they did? They called asking about their power! On top of that, they made it sound like the radio folks, who were doing it as a service, and not really getting paid extra for doing it, were in charge/responsible for the power. Ridiculous!

Well, I don't really have much else to say about my experience, so I'll cut this blog short right there. I appreciate all of you that read and/or drop. I promise I'll catch up soon enough!

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