Monday, September 8, 2008

VMA's...what a bore!!!!

Last night I watched the VMA's. As I've said before, the fact that MTV even attempts to keep this awards show going is beyond me. They don't show videos anymore, and whilst I was watching the categories, they seemed like it was a cardinal sin to show the videos so that people actually know what they haven't been shown. 25 years ago, no one would have ever thought this is what the VMAs would have come to. They should just have a crappy reality awards show. It would reflect their programming more.

Anyway, so, last year, the VMAs resembled more of an after party than an awards show, and while some people liked it, I didn't care for it. The highlights were the return of Alicia Keys, Chris Brown's performance, and of course Britney's train wreck opening. Oh, and Kanye's whining about not winning and Justin's clamoring for MTV to play more videos.

This year, they went back to a more conventional awards show format. None of the performances really stood out...well, Pink and Christina Aguilera's did, but the rest were just ho-hum. This is the VMA's people. Do something!!!!

This guy that hosted it, I can't think of his name right now, was pretty funny, but apparently he pissed off some of he more Christian people there with his negative talk about promise rings. This was mainly because he was making fun of the Jonas Brothers. This is the second time someone has made fun of the Jonas Brothers and has been scolded for it. WTF?!? What is this power those little boys have over everyone? They're not that impressive. Anyway, his remarks, struck a chord with Jordin because she made a statement about it before presenting an award.

Lil Wayne needs to learn what a belt is. I know that it's a style to wear pants low and all, but good grief, why do you have to have your pants hanging off your butt?

After about the first 15 min or so, I was waiting for that one big moment, be it an outstanding performance or surprise winner, or something else. Sadly, it didn't happen this year. They were just a big bore and waste of time.

However, as I mentioned last year's Britney performance, seeing her this year is like night and day, and she was the nights big winner. If there was something that will be remembered, that's what it'll be. The night that Britney reclaimed her spot in the pantheon of superstars with stellar careers and not a train wreck.

Before I forget, Jonah Hill opened the show with a skit with Britney. Funny stuff, but, if you know anything about the kid, he's always hung around Seth Rogen. Well, he looked like mini Seth last night. It was kind of creepy.

In summation, the show sucked, and there was no point for me to have even sat through the whole thing. Only reason I watched it was for Britney and Christina.

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