Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It finally happened

It's official, MTV is totally departing from their musical roots. I read just a little while ago that they will be cancelling TRL. No date has been set for the last episode and they are saying that FNMTV will basically take its place, but it's not coming back until mid-November.

So, I guess it finally happened. MTV has been doing all they can to not show videos and by cancelling TRL, they can achieve their goal of showing nothing but the same reruns of their crappy reality shows.

While it is a sad day that they will be cancelling TRL, I cannot say that I am fully saddened. When I was in college, I would come back to the dorm flip on the TV (after they finally gave us MTV) and watch it. However, since then they have mutated the show so much that it's basically a talk show with video snippets forced in. On top of that, MTV keeps moving the show around to where a person can't find it. Last I checked it was coming on at 10 AM (Central time). A time when most people are at school or work. It seems like they've been trying to kill the show. In a statement by MTV's program director, it is said that this isn't the end and that it will be back at some point, but its just time to move on. Translation, we're tired of showing videos and want to show more top model marathons!

FNMTV, while being a good video show, is not the same as TRL, nor is it what it was advertised to be. They said it was supposed to all videos, yet when it aired, I was disappointed that it was nothing more than a bunch of screaming fans, pointless (and clueless) commentators, and live performances that are beyond sub-par. The videos that they play are the full thing, which is good, but for a how that is supposed to be all about them, they show very few of them. In the span of an hour, you would expect to see more than just 3 vids!

So, I guess the age of seeing videos is all but gone. VH1 still shows vids early in the morning/late at night, and has an actual countdown show. I can say that most of the videos I've watched in the past 4 or5 yrs I've watched on Vh1, MTV2, or youtube. I've said it before and I'll say it again. MTV just isn't what it used to be. It's only worth watching if you're into crappy reality (like The Hills).

Finally, if MTV is going to cancel the last remnants of the days when they were actually relevant and lived up to their name, then they might as well stop with the VMAs. I believe I'm on record as saying that its pointless to have an awards show for videos when you don't even play them! Seems a bit pointless if you ask me. Only time will tell what happens, but I have a feeling that MTV won't be calling itself MTV much longer. Especially since they have no music left on the station.

Kudos MTV for being so anti-music videos. You people are true geniuses!

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