Sunday, September 14, 2008


For the longest time in this country we have had to deal with racism and sexism. Neither of which have gone away, no matter how much we say they have. There are still those that are swtuck in ther ways and have passed down their closed mindedness to their children.

Well, this afternoon, I was wathing a rerun of one of those pundits on one of those news networks. He said that conservatives are a minority and liberals are taking over the country or something like that.

I've been tryingto keep up with politics involiving the upcoming Preseditial race this year, because its important (and so I can actually understand political I've noticed that liberals and conservatives are at each others throats the way blacks and whites were before the Civil rights movement.

It's quite sad! Just because a person has different views than another person on a certain issue, they shoukd not be treated like they have the Black Plague or something. This is a free country and all, but I seriosuly doubt that our forefathers had in mind us ready to go into an all out war over our political beliefs.

No wonder both parties are in disarray 99% of the time. They're too busy fighting the other. Not to mention the pundits fueling the fire with their unnecessary two cents and blaming of the media.

I guess instead of racism or sexism, you can call it politicalism!

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