Sunday, September 28, 2008

A note to my entrecard droppers

I just wanted to drop a few lines to apologize to my entrecard droppers. Usually I get back to you within the span of 24 hrs. However, for some reason this morning I got penalized or received an invalid message for every drop. Some sites did allow me to drop., but not enough to say so. Some site, the card would show, but the banner was justa yellow bar. On top of that, the page site itself was laoading a bit slow. At first, I was thinking it was my comp, but no other sites were slowed.

I have heard that Entrecard was having some issues, though, so I attirbute them to that. They eveb refnded my 915 penalized credits. Hopefully this won't happen again. **KNOCKS ON WOOD**


Web-Betty said...

I noticed the same problems all day yesterday. I was unable to do my usual dropping to my faves and such. Looks like things are back to normal this morning.

Don said...

Same here. I didn't get the penalties, but I was slooooow. Also I had the "yellow bar" when I did manage to hook to a site. I just gave up and went back last night. Obviously their server was on the verge of a crash due to traffic or something. All's well now.