Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Closet Oedipus

It's amazing what you can discover about yourself that you didn't even know through a harmless little survey that friends post as myspace bulletins. Take for instance this weekend, there was a question that asked if your significant other was similar to your parents. It got me to thinking, and fact of the matter she does have some parallels, as do many of my exes.

This brought to mind the story of Oedipus, who had an unhealthy infatuation on his mother (that's the extremely watered down version of the story...lol) I don't think I have any more love for my mother than the next guy, although I am a mommy's boy. Yeah, I said it, wanna fight about it?

I think that perhaps I may be subconsciously trying to find a woman similar to her, though. Not every girl I've been with have had said similarities, but the ones that have lasted do. The one's that don't, I have noticed, didn't workout because they weren't very loving.

Top top all that off, the girl I'm currently dating and my ex-fiancee are both similar in build to my mother. Maybe I am looking to be with my mother without being with her, or perhaps its just coincidence. Who knows, right? It's just interesting that a harmless little question on a myspace survey caused such deep thought.

One more thing...a girl I had the hugest crush on in high school, and came this close to asking out, but didn't because she was so close to my best friend (it was a mystery...and still is, what that relationship was about)...she looked like my mom's best friend...and now she really looks like her. Even scarier, they have the same first name! As far as I know, they have no relation, though. How odd, huh?

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ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© said...

Yes, those bulletins reveal lots of information, sometimes TOO much, especially when teens do them. They give away a lot of harmful information.