Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Top Droppers for September

Just want to give thanks to my top droppers for the month of September. I really appreciate your drops.

1. Where the Long Tail Ends
2. Enfotainer- Enfotain Your Mind
3. Fish Hook and More
4. Snapshotcap
5. writing to survive
6. What the Bald Guy needs to know about sports
7. MamaFlo's Place
8. Confessions of a Fitness Diva
9. Bobbie Dawn
10. Orange Derange

I also want to acknowledge Norma Jean for being my biggest advertiser this month.

Finally, I am grateful to everyone that drops in, reads, comments, or just drops. You keep coming and I'll keep writing!

Mystery Man

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Ms. O. D. said...

Thank you for the link love! :)