Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pull up your pants!

A few weeks ago, I actually wasted 2 hrs of my life watching the VMAs. One of the performers on there was Lil Wayne. This man is a very talented rapper and I believe he won quite a few moon men that night. His performance appalled me, though. It was good, don't get me wrong, but he had no shirt on and his pants were hanging below his butt!

I realize that I'm coming off sounding like an old man here, but I don't care. As an educator, I have to enforce the dress code. I guess today is sag day, because I've already sent like 7 or 8 boys and 1 girl to the office for dress code violation.

Now, they have to wear uniforms down here. I'm not a fan of that, and usually give them a bit of leniency, but I can't ignore pants hanging off your butt. Baggy is ok. Hell, I even wear baggy pants. But, there is a difference between saggy and baggy.

Whoever it was that started this "fashion" needs to be drug out into the street and shot. While you're at it, take whoever it was that started the trend of cocking your hat to the side, too.

...and for goodness sakes, PULL YOUR PANTS UP!!!!!


foongpc said...

If you do that in a country like Malaysia, you'll be banned from performing in the country! : )

Kate said...

LOL I know what you mean! It looks awful, and I can't understand how it became 'cool' because they look like little kids wearing their parents' clothes. I suppose I can't really talk though, in my day we all had ridiculous hair and men wore makeup.


i to dont understand the baggy pants fashion..whats so fashionable about you underpants showing?what ever happened to belts,lol

Melissa said...

I agree, kids need to have their own sense of self, and usually they express that through their clothing. However, just like at a job, or church, you have to dress a certain way at certain times, and school is one of those.

Web-Betty said...

AMEN to that!!!

My oldest son started kindergarten this year and we're sending him to a private school. I was really mixed about the uniform issue, however, he just looks so darn cute in it!

Even though they're very strict, he's not been bothered by it at all, and he loves wearing his cool clothes and surf necklace on the weekend.

Saggy pants, however, are NOT an option.

Carol said...

I keep waiting for the trend to end.

MyFairLadyVT4 said...

Hi, yes I agree. I saw that. Maybe if you make it into an acronym it will get done. PUYP.

Phone Girl said...

I said the same thing when I watched his performance. He is a great rapper and his performance was good but how was he trying to sag a pair of tight white pants. Its so disgusting to me. Both of his performances he just needed a belt. I'm 25 and I feel that way so I don't think its about age.

SUN Beyondthe.SUN said...

I Agree How WideSpread & Childish the Undie-Trend is Among Teens Today. HowEver, I Can Offer Elements of Where the UnderWear Movement Began.

When Inner-City Kids Were Locked Up Over Petty Crimes (Whether Guilty or Innocent), Once Their Clothes & Property Were Collected They Were OFTEN Issued Pants TOO LARGE Which Sagged Below Their Waists. Following Their Release, Wearing Their Pants in This Tradition (Among Their Peers) Developed into a Scenario Which Demonstrated Their Street-CRED. "I've Been to Prison (Jail, County, or Lock-UP of Any Sort)." ThereAfter, 1 Thing Led to Another and KIDS TODAY are Constantly Showing Their A$S$e$ .. as a Matter of Identity. UnFortunately, Like Any Past Generation, Telling Them 'NOT TO' Only Leads to Further Rebellion.