Friday, October 31, 2008

Nagging mothers...gotta love 'em!

So, I called my mom this afternoon. The usual check in so she doesn't freak out and think something's happened to me. I kid you not, one time I didn't call for a couple of weeks and she called everyone who I had called (at the time she was paying my cell phone bill, so he had the numbers), called my teachers, sent the police, and even made the 5 hr drive to find me.

A bit extreme, but I know there are mothers out there that could care less. At least I know that mine does...even if she is a mixture of Claire Huxtable, Annie Camden, and those sitcom moms from the

Anyway, so before we hung up tonight, she asked me who I was going to vote for. Of course, I'm not going to reveal who I'm going to vote for. The only one that will know that is going to be the machine. Since I didn't tell her, she started on this "You need to vote for ______" trip. Then after she finished that, she got on this "Are you even registered?" thing.

After convincing her that I am, she emphatically told me to "Vote! Vote! Vote!" Mothers! Gotta love 'em. Even when they nag. :)

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Allena said...

hahaha! that's so like my mom!