Friday, October 3, 2008

Wooden waste

It's been just under a month since Gustav came tearing through here. Things are back to normal. Well, at least over here, but we weren't affected to bad except for the power going out for the week.

During that week, I listened to radio (what else was I going to do?), and the mayor-president kept saying that the debris would be picked up ASAP. well, it still hasn't been picked up. However, that's not what this blog about. I don't live in a house, so I have no debris (or yard)

Everyday I take a walk after I get home. It's very relaxing and good exercise, if you haven't tried it. Anyway, I noticed all the wood on the side of the road, and got to thinking. Why not chop it up and use/sell it for firewood?

I don't know if it would make good firewood, but these trees look like the kind of logs most people use in the fireplace, so I don't see why not. On top of that, it would get the stuff off the side of the road.

I guess that would make too much sense.

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