Friday, October 24, 2008

Moving On?

First of all, let me say that high school football should NOT be played on a Thursday night. It just throws off the routine and makes Friday seem like a Saturday that you have to be at school or a Monday! Just wanted to get that out. I'm sure there are those of you out there that agree...or disagree with me.

Now...onto the point of this blog. Last night after returnign from the game and getting all my sudents on their way home the little woman and I headed home. She then proceeded to drop the bomb on me and get my thoughts on moving to Washington, D.C. becuse she found her dream job up there. Ofcourse, it's a government job, so there's all kinds of interviews and such. not to mention she has to apply for it.

I'm not opposed to moving to D.C., but I'm not exactly jumping up and down for joy. While Louisiana has its problems, it is much cheaper to live down here then it would be up there. On top of that, I'm not familiar with the school systems up there and as such I am not aware of any tests and certifications I may or may not have to have in order to teach up there. Also, there is this little thing called grad school that I am still looking into. The weather will also be a problem, not so much for me, but she's a HUGE Fan of hotness, and hates the cold.

Like I said before, she hasn't even applied for the job. I've been living down here in La. quite a while now. As a military brat (my dad was in the Air Force), moving is no big deal, but that was as a little boy. I've grown attached over the years. I guess if it comes down to the big move, it'll be just like it was when I went off to college. Time to move on.