Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The infinte wisdom of children

What is it about kids? Does their lack of worldliness make them see things through different eyes and thusly give them infinite wisdom?

Last night, I had the oh, so pleasant task (note the sarcasm) of going to a school board meeting. Near the end, a little girl went up to the podium and addressed all that were there about voting.

Now, the fact that a little girl is talking to what was mainly a senior citizen audience about voting was odd enough, but what she said is what prompted this entry.

She urged everyone to vote for the right person, not because of their political affiliation, skin color, what gossip they hear, impersonations done on late night TV, religion, to keep the the other guy from winning, to see more of Sarah Palin, or who they're friends are voting for.

Wow! If only us so called "adults" would listen and take heed.

She then went on to inquire about what it is about a person's skin color, age, and sex that makes them worthy or not worthy to be president. She then concluded with a rundown of what politics has become and basically called out the school board for being just as corrupt as the government.

Afterwards, everyone except the members of the board gave her a standing ovation. I don't need to tell you that they looked like they had just eaten a bag of lemons!

I must say, I was very impressed with this little girl. She's getting taught something at her school or at home, or both. Guess public school isn't as bad as they make you to believe down here...lol

Children are wise, maybe we should do more listening to them, before they become stupid teenagers...lmao

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Jude said...

I have noticed children are definitely starting to make more sense than we the adults. I can only marvel at some of the things that I hear from our 6 year old grandson. They seem so much more intelligent than when I was that age.