Monday, October 13, 2008

TV curse

After the major power outage that resulted from Gustav, those of you that actually pay attention to these entries will remember that I was having problems with my television.

Well, the TV phantom has returned as this afternoon when I came home, I tried to turn on my TV and for some reason it wouldn't come on. For some reason, I pressed the menu button and miracukously, the set comes on. Now, we're back to those funky issues that it was having last month. UGH!

Hopefully I can remember what it was I did to fix the issues last time. I think it's just striaght up time to invest in a new set!


Carol said...

TV? You mean that big, hulking, glass-faced monster that hypnotizes my family into complaining when I jack up the volume on my amp as I practice for an important gig? That thing?

Where's Ike when I need him?

Anonymous said...

TV and computer problems are the worst! I wish you luck and can sympathize with you trying to remember what you did previously to fix it - happens to me regularly and I wish I had made notes.

Mabel said...

happened to us here too. luckily, my husband figured out a way to make it work again. hope you'll solve your tv prob soon.