Wednesday, October 22, 2008

They can't be serious!!!!

With the release of High School Musical 3: Senior Year this week, there has been nothing but talk about how big it is, blah, blah, blah. I don't deny the fact that it is a money making machine and is probably responsible for the resurgence in movie musicals. That being said, I've heard and/or read many tales of how it is this generations Grease. Even worse, they think it's better.

The comparison is not without merit. I can see the correlation, but to say that it is better is just not right. For one thing, Grease was a legitimate Broadway musical first. Second, the songs and music are more memorable. Third, Grease was a one shot deal. (Grease 2 was some anomaly that shouldn't have been made). It was not meant to be a money making machine as High School Musical has turned into.

I don't want to sit here and sound like I totally hate High School Musical, because I don't. I don't love it, but I don't hate it. I think it would have been better served as a one shot deal, though, but because it was so popular, they thought it needed a sequel. Seems to me that is the thing to do in Hollywood nowadays. A movie has a bit of success,and studios scramble to make a sub par sequel. This was no exception. High School Musical 2 wasn't anywhere near the level that its predecessor had attained. It felt like it was rushed, but that could just be because of the high expectations it had to live up to.

Yeah, you can make a case for High School Musical as this generation's Grease, but you won't catch me making that comparison. HSM just doesn't measure up to the standard of excellence that Grease attained. Not to mention that fact, Grease didn't need 2 sequels and constant shoving down every one's throats to leave it's mark. Tell me, in 20 yrs, which will still be remembered, Grease or the High School Musical movies? My money would be on Grease.

They can't be serious by comparing these two!!!!

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Web-Betty said...

Grease, awesome. High School Musical, sux. Period. :)