Thursday, October 30, 2008

No, No, No

Earlier this week in my Musical Monday post, I psted Michael Jackson's "Thriller". I was doing my usual surfing not too long ago and came across the fact that today is the 25th annoiverary of the release of the "Thriller" album.

Apparently, they are re-releasing it with a bunch of remixes by a bunch of different people.


Why can't people leave well enough alone. The reason why the album did so well, is becsue it is good music. Remixes are utter crap. Now, I haven't listened to these things, yet, and I will hold my judgememnt until I do, but this should not have been done.

If you're going to re-release an album, fine, but don't go adding remixes. ESPECIALLY, if they're by other artists.

UGH! This is so frustrating!

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Preston said...

Unfortunately, it's not about the music. It's all about the almighty dollar...