Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Am I alone in saying that I'm ready for this election to be over. Seems like its been going on forever and there is no end in sight. Well, I take that back, 13 days left, but mark my words, they're going to drag on forever and a day. On top of that, as soon as it's over, we'll be forced to analysis of every move that the winner is made and how the loser lost. Basically, we won't be through with this stuff until the man is inaugurated!

As much as I wish the election would just be done and over with, I think I'm more annoyed with those notices about the big TV switch over. Apparently, the governement has nothing better to do than make a law that says all televisions must switch over by February 18, 2009. These things have been coming on for about a year now and are even scrolling across the bottom of the screen like its something majorly important. I think by now, people that are goingto switch will switch. If not, then they'll just be out of luck when they turn their TV on in February. No need to make the rest of us be subject to these things. Enough is enough!!!!


PJ said...

i so agree with this election crap. i am sick of listening to a couple of adults acting like they are 2 years old with all their bickering. makes me not even want to vote for either one of them.

Ms. O. D. said...

election, been so addicted lately to getting political news... can't wait for it end too, getting anxious to go and vote--it'll be my first time!