Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Defending the Disney Princesses

I'm a fan of all things Disney(not so much Hannah Montana, but hey, I can't like everything, right) So, last night I was looking up some info on upcoming movies. In my search, I cam across an article saying how racist and unrealistic movies are today. Specifically referring to each Disney princess. WTF?!? I can't find the site, but here's what I can recall about what was said about each princess.

Snow White

She's fat! WTF?!? I'm not 100% sure, but I seem to recall her age being between 14-16, so of course she's gonna have some meat on her bones. When did that become so wrong? Also, she's far frm being fat.


Can't remember exactly what was said about her, but it was something about the blonde hair and blue eyes. Is there something wrong with that? Was she supposed to have the same hair and eyes as Snow White?

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

She's a clumsy, lazy bitch! Apparently, pricking your finger on a spinning wheel makes you clumsy and lazy.


She's too skinny and needs to put some clothes on. I agree she could do with some meat on her bones, but she swims around all day. Is she supposed to look like Ursala? As far as the needing to put some clothes on...well, when was the last time you saw a mermaid swimming around with a flannel shirt on or something? Seriously!


Chances are you dont know who this is. She's from The Black Cauldron (not exactly the most poular of the Disney movies)
Anyway, the comlaint about her was her name wasn't easily said and she was another blonde. Her name!?!? Seriosuly?!? Next!

Jasmine (my personal fav princess)

I remember this one almost word for word...She's showing too much skin, she's not dak enough, shes not weairing a veil, her hair isn't long enough, and she doesn't have a mid-eastern accent, and she's too volumptous and bouncy. My guess is that whoever wrote that article I was looking at last night must've been of Mid Eastern/Indian decent or has some issues with those that are becuse it sounds like he was deeply offended by the site of her.


She's a slut. Umm...not quite sure I agree...but I don't totally disagree, becasue that's her character.


She can't dance and there wre no gypsies in France. I'm not so sure about there not being gypsies in France, since she is a character in the actual book, and as far as the not being able to dance...well, that sounds like he was just trying to find something to pick on her about


She's too "mannish". OMG! She's impersonating a man to save her father, of course she's gonna be mannish. WTF?!?


I don't too much care for this movie, but still, there's no need to say she needs to lose some muscle tone becuse she looks like an Amazon bodybulder type rather than a Native American princess. She's supposed to have some definition, like Ariel, she doesn't just sit around a castle all day, but to call her an Amazon is ridiculous.

Lilo & Nani

As with Snow White, he seems to think they're fat. Unlike with Snow White, they're supposed to be a little more "realistic". Of course, the artist that drew them also seems to like drawing big butts...lol

coming soon...
Tiana (The Frog Princess 12/25/2009)

yes...this will be a 2-d hand drawn movie *GASP*

His complaint was that she looks like an ape from the side and has too many ethnic features. Of course, I could go on for a whole differet blog on the stuff I've heard and read about people complining about this one and how many times they've changed it. My personal opinion is ther'es nothign wrong with her, and until the movie actually comes out, there's no reason to complain

Rapunzel (2010?)

She's not blonde, she looks too fat, her hair is too short, and Kristin Chenowith's (Glinda from Wicked and she also is in Pushing Daisies) voice is going to drive him insane. Ok...dude complains about the others being blonde, but has a cow about Rapunzel? From this pic, you can't even reall see ho long her hair is. I would wager this is early on and her hair gets longer later on. Not goingto diginify the weight comment. She thiiner than Snow White. WTF?!? As far as Kristin Chenowith...I can see how it can get annoying, but so can anyone else's.

So, as you can see, the guy that wrote this had some issues. Notice Tinker bell was left off. He had nothing bad to say about her. It was actually quite grpahc in the praise he gave about her and what he wante to do to her. I'll leave it at that.

I respect other people's opinions and all, but good grief, there's no need to go about criticizing stuff just fr the sake of it. Each of these characters was created by different artists ant different periods of time and also represent different cultures and eras. The Disney people knew what they were doing when they created them. Besides, they're for enjoyment and entertainment, not criticizing.


TheMovieWhore said...

That was interesting. I am not quite sure what to make of it but it held my attention and got me thinking.

I would love to read the article that inspired this post.

Condo Blues said...

It sounds like the author of the post is one of those people who can't be pleased. Snow White is too fat (huh?) but Ariel who looks somewhat the same weight is too thin? Some are too ethnic and others are not ethnic enough. The first bunch of princesses were created in the 1940's-50's and were very sterotypical. I agree that the Disney female characters aren't an accurate representation of women but at least they are trying. These are fictional characters after all.

Cookie Sunshine said...

Where did you find this person, and why did you bother reading the entire post?

quarter-life lady. said...

Lol. This is hilarious. Someone has a lot of time on their hands to watch all those movies and criticize the princesses in each one. Good post!

Sebastyne said...

Damned if you do, damned if you don't, right? One is skinny and one is fat, I can't personally see much of a difference there. Is that how tightly girls should be fitting into a certain body type to be okay? I'm thinking the person complaining had the biggest issues of the lot.

Btw, do I remember it incorrectly, but wasn't Cinderella originally (around 80's at least) brown haired? Like light brown? I always liked her the most, because her hair colour was closest to mine, and I'm by no standard a blonde.