Saturday, October 18, 2008

Learn to drive

I am not the best driver in the world. I admit that. As a matter of fact, I hate driving. Today I was nearly in a wreck because of some hot shot.

People need to learn to drive! First of all, it's dangerous to be weaving through traffic, especially when driving through the city. It's a little more acceptable on the interstate where one has more room.

Secondly, if you're driving a piece of tin, save your money and get a newer, better model, or at lest some decent work done on it. I don't understand why this person's car looked like Frankenstein, but had a shiny, new pair of mufflers, complete with noise polluting loudness!

While he was weaving, it seemed like he was in the biggest rush to get somewhere, yet when all was said and done, he ran smack dab into all the red lights, and then a train. A lot of good all that weaving did you, dude! tell you this, though, if he had caused me to have a wreck,I would be tracking him down!

UGH!!! I hate people that get in such a rush that they ignore the rules of the road and everyone on it!

2 comments: said...

My mom always said "If you're in that big of a hurry, you should have left sooner!" :-)

sasha said...

I know how you feel. Unfortunately for me, this happened when I was aboard the vehicle my uncle was driving. Thank goodness it was a minor accident and no one got hurt. Still, if my uncle just kept his cool...