Sunday, October 12, 2008

Warning block

Ever notice how that when you watch a DVD and you get to the FBI warning, they don't let you fast-forward through it (or the 50 other languages they translate it into). That little red warning sign just pops up in the corner when you do. Why is that?

I started to watchPulp Fiction this afternoon, and I happen to have it on VHS. Don't ask me why I haven't upgraded to the DVD of that classic yet, but rest assured I will. Anyway, the FBI warning came up and I was so happy to be able to fast forward through it and get on to the movie.

Seriously, does anybody really read that thing? Why do DVD makers feel the need to block being able to fast forward or skip through it? AS far as I know the only way to skip it is to go through the scenes and, if necessary, back up to the beginning. Just my observation. Am I the only one that's noticed this?

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