Monday, October 27, 2008

Mascot decision

A few of my students this morning came to me crying saying that they're parents don't want them to go to a certain school becuse of the mascot. WTF?!?

How can you prohibit your child from going to a school just becuse of the mascot? The MASCOT!!!! Now, my college mascot was a Demon. A girl I dated told me that her parents didn't want her to go there because of nature.

People, wake up! It's just a mascot! It's not like we went around sacrificing virgins, bathing in goat's blood, and engaging in Pagan rituals. Well, it is possible that stuff happened with some

Now, I will excuse not wanting to go to a school like Ole Miss whose mascot is a REbel, but that's more about the fact that they fly the Confederate flag around like it's the US flag and not so much about the mascot.

Also, I can undersdtand not going somewhere that has a Native American mascot, if you're offended by them, however, just becuse the parents are offended doesn't mean the children will be.

This is their future we're talking about here. These schools are some of the best in the South, and they could possibly be denied the chance to go becuse the parents don't like the mascots.

Instead of possibly having the next Supreme Justice of the Supreme Court and Surgeon General (just picked a couple things off the top of my head), there will be a couple of professional grovery baggers.

Good job parents!

So, tell me, what do you think? Would you deny your children an education just becuse fo the school's mascot?


Sara said...

Or worse, they could become bloggers!

Web-Betty said...

It's a freakin' mascot!! My kids can go to whatever school they choose as long as it's NOT Ole Miss (for reasons you've already pointed out).